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Hum Log

The most awaited time of the year is on its way. No doubt, your preparations have begun, and so have ours. While you started with the cleaning, buying, rearranging, decorating, planning for gifts, and more, at McDonald’s, we’re working on how to make your Diwali even more special. We love…More

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The festive season is in full swing, and while you have been hustling and bustling, McDonald’s too has been preparing to make your celebrations special. Every happy occasion in India is honored with something sweet to eat. You’ve loved the treats and desserts at McDonald’s like a KITKAT McFlurry™, right?…More

What's Hot

Even the simplest of foods becomes speechlessly good thanks to cheese. It’s just a chef’s kiss—the definition of perfection and soulful indulgence. Every mouthful of this rich flavor is magical. We know just how much you love this dairy product, and that’s why we’re strengthening the cheese menu. A mind-blowing…More

What's Hot

Cricket. It is way more than a sport. It is something that unites the entire country like no other. There is so much history, culture, passion, and emotion attached to this word that is simply undeniable. And the ICC Men’s World Cup has arrived, and to our great delight, it…More

Good Communities

In an effort to have a day brimming with genuine smiles and acts of kindness that bind human beings together, World Smile Day was established. During this #McDCommunityMonth, we hope that every experience leaves every customer with a happy smile. It could be with the joy of McDonald’s Happy Meals,…More

What's Hot

At McDonald’s, we pride ourselves on the fact that this is a place for everyone. You can be a burger-holic, a cheese lover, a dessert enthusiast, a caffeine aficionado, or simply someone who can’t stop eating Fries, no matter what, McDonald’s has got you. This not only applies to tastes…More

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