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This section is dedicated to employees. The stories highlight the experience of people working at McDonald’s.

Dharmendra wins Ray Kroc Award
Hum Log

Dharmendra’s success story is one that reminds you that hard work and perseverance always pays off. His journey at McDonald’s began in 2013 when he joined the company as a Trainee Manager. Within 7 years of his joining at McDonald’s, Dharmendra and his team achieved so much under his leadership.…More

Hum Log

Every once in a while, we come across leaders who change everything for the better with their management skills, innovative ideas, and perseverance. At McDonald’s Mumbai Truck Terminus, Kunal Dhembre has been that leader. Winner of the Ray Kroc Award as one of the best McDonald’s Restaurant Managers globally, here…More

Hum Log Young, hardworking, enthusiastic, and sometimes child-like, Sushmitha has a personality that exudes confidence. Her ability to learn, understand the operational processes through and through, and take ownership has led her to become a Restaurant General Manager in a short span of three years! This is no mean feat we…More

RED celebrations at McDonald's
Hum Log

The concept of Retail Employees’ Day (RED) came from a simple idea: to thank retail employees for all the efforts they put in running stores, for all their blood and sweat, for all their time away from their families. Conceptualized by Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN)…More

McDonald's CSR
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Thanksgiving is an occasion when people reflect on the positive things in life and everything they are thankful for. For us, Thanksgiving Week this year was all about extending gratitude towards people at our workplace. After all, they are our friends and an integral part of our lives. Read on…More

Hum Log

Our baristas go through extensive training to learn about things like the history of coffee, extraction techniques and latte art. As a result, they make rich, velvety, handcrafted coffee for every order at McCafé. Recently, we talked to Mamta Sharma, a McCafé barista at McDonald’s Hill Road, Mumbai about what…More

McDonald's happy employees
Hum Log

Bold, bright, and pro-active, Nivedita Singh knows what she’s capable of. In less than seven years of work experience at McDonald’s, our gold-medalist employee has worked her way up from a trainee to Restaurant Asst. Manager (RAM), crossing many professional milestones, and inspiring many people along the way. This must…More

McDonald's Independence Day India
Hum Log

We at McDonald’s India (West&South) are always looking for reasons to celebrate because that allows our people from different cultural background to get together and have tons of fun. And not to mention, permeating the same energy and message of love to our customers as well. This time, the reason…More

McDonald's Employee Stories
Hum Log

It is workplace environment that matters the most for Ravi. “I don’t know how people manage to work at a place where no one smiles. I can never do that. At McDonald’s, we make sure the environment is always positive. Anyone who would observe us work for a while, would…More

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