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These McCafé Coolers Are More Than Just Pretty Drinks
Coffee Tales

The summer is almost in full swing and to cope up with the scorching sun you’d not find a better time to refresh with some of the best McCafé drinks. Your quest for colourful, refreshing and fruity drinks from McCafé McDonald’s finishes right here. Some of the best McCafé menu favourites are Berry Lemonade Cooler, Raw Mango Cooler,…More

McDonald's and Ford make coffee chaff headlights
Coffee Tales

Did you know your coffee waste can be turned into an important car part? There’s a fact so mind-blowing that it’s impossible to comprehend at first. But guess what? McDonald’s US and Ford are partnering up and doing just that. Research scientists in charge of producing sustainable materials at Ford…More

McDonald's Coffee
Coffee Tales

A lot of coffee lovers are purists. They love their coffee just the way it is. And we totally understand that. But there are times even we don’t know what we will end up liking. Remember when Donna from Suits got the first Vanilla flavoured coffee for Harvey? It was…More

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