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It’s India’s 75th Independence Day—just the occasion to celebrate our country’s bounty of flavours, palates, and ingredients, among other glories. It is this diversity that we, at McDonald’s, are proud to experience. Not only are more than 99% of the ingredients in your favourite McDonald’s foods sourced from across the…More

What's Hot

Friendship isn’t just the spice of life. Friendship is life. And Friendship Day, a.k.a. the first Sunday of August, is just the occasion for cherishing this beautiful bond. What’s a better way to celebrate this gorgeous day than with some impeccably great food, especially from McDonald’s? You could be ordering…More

Good Food Journey

July is the month of gorgeous monsoon rains and heartwarming McDonald’s food and McCafé coffee. It’s also the time to acquaint everyone on the importance of going “Plastic Free”. Plastic pollution is a huge threat to our environment, and fighting this challenge is the need of the hour. Every year,…More

What's Hot

Feeling hungry but not as much that you’d want a large burger? We’ve got just the right-sized bites for you to snack on. At McDonald’s, we pride ourselves on having a range of offerings for every kind of appetite. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 8 perfectly priced options…More

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