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September is Potato Month, and it’s all the reason you need to dig into your favourite aloo burgers, fries, and more! Coz one can never have enough of it, right? We are lovin’ sharing this love of ours with you. It starts with bringing the best version (read process grade…More

What's Hot

It can be a tough one, we understand. Which of these two potato powerhouses from McDonald’s deserves to be a part of your mealtime? Allow us to dissect these two heavyweights—our World Famous McDonald’s French Fries and our very desi Masala Wedges—so you can decide better. We’ll also announce the…More

Good Food Journey

Can MacFries get better than they already are? McDonald’s found one simple, healthy way to do so: by cutting back on sodium. McDonald’s India has been working on its recipes to reduce sodium for a while now. At first, sodium content came down by 20% in fries. The result? Less…More