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McDonald's happy meal transformers and my little pony
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It’s time for yet another Happy Meal surprise, and this time, we have not one but two whole new themes for our happy collectors and kids. Meet the adorable playmates from My Little Pony and the robots that are known for their disguising abilities, the…More

McCafé Cappuccinos
Coffee Tales

It’s already September, which means that work is piling up more than ever. But don’t let a little stress get in the way of your romance with other things, like with coffee, for example. And if too much work is not working in your favor,…More

McDonald's Sustainability
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It’s been a while since McDonald’s started incorporating eco-friendly practices in India (West & South). Today, those very initiatives have grown to become more than just about paper cups and biodegradable straws. Let’s take a look at how McDonald’s is making an impact in the…More

McDonald's Independence Day India
Hum Log

We at McDonald’s India (West&South) are always looking for reasons to celebrate because that allows our people from different cultural background to get together and have tons of fun. And not to mention, permeating the same energy and message of love to our customers as…More

McDonald's in Nagpur
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For years, Nagpurkars have been waiting to munch on the world’s best fries and discover their favorite burgers at McDonald’s. People had expressed their interests in McChicken and McVeggie on social media pages, wondered about the location of the first outlet when it opens, and…More

McDonald's Indian Burger
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When McDonald’s launched its first restaurant in India, the menu had Indian Flavours written all over it. From the names of the burgers – McAloo Tikki and Maharaja Mac – to the spicy, chatpate flavours, the Indian-ness was in full measure. But somehow, we have…More

McDonald's Indian Burger

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmlVSCxKCvM Do you know makes our burgers truly Indian? Any guesses? Solve the mystery of our #TrulyIndianBurger only on the McDonald’s App. Download now: https://bit.ly/2LOY4IcMore

McDonald's Happy Meal Super Mario
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6cVF7g4SrY Like these two cuties here, people all over the world have been entertained by Super Mario and his friends for the longest time. The 80’s and 90’s kids can definitely back this up by saying that the classic Nintendo Super Mario Bros. was a…More

McDonald's Friendship Day
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https://youtu.be/m3tvD5mvoUg If you are a millennial reading this, chances are, that you have probably shared about a dozen Throwback Thursday photos on your social media accounts so far. And boy were those posts showered with love! But can you remember a throwback picture with your…More

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