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What's Hot

When the weather is perfect, you make the most of it, you tweak your schedule, meet your friends, add more fun to your routine, a little twist here and there, and seeing as the time was right, so did we – with some flair! 🍏🍋🍓🥤 As part of our beverage…More

Masala Bites

There is something we can all relate to, and that’s when you’re on a break, you just gotta have your favorite snack around to celebrate! Moreover, when the heat’s getting to you, you rather pick something light and satisfying. Maybe you’re thinking of crispy McDonald’s fries and Fried Chicken Nuggets…More

What's Hot

In today’s world, where everyone is engrossed in one form of social media or another, people have very little time to sit down with family and friends to have a meaningful conversation or spend some quality time doing fun activities. In an attempt to prompt people to do just that,…More

Good Food Journey

There are people out there who just cannot do without McDonald’s. It’s become an indispensable part of their everyday lives. Are you one of these people? Let’s find out: 1. It is the first thought that comes to your head in the morning. 2. You like to argue with people who…More