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Masala Bites

The festival of colors is here! Welcoming the harvest season and the season of abundance that is spring. Have you planned the Holi festival day in the company of friends, family and yummy food? A Holi themed party on the cards? A day that brings together loved ones, crazy dance…More

Masala Bites

Being in love is a beautiful feeling: heart fluttering, excitement, smiles and tears of joy, blurring out everything else. The feeling that wraps you with warmth like no other. One that transcends gender, beings, things and makes it so special that one wants to stay in it, talk about it,…More

Masala Bites

This year marks 73 years for India’s Republic Day. If you are planning to keep the day’s celebration going, and make it a Republic Day Special, why not reach out for your McDonald’s Special items to give you company? An easy-going breakfast from McCafé, brunch, lunch, snack or dinner scenes…More

Masala Bites

The holidays and Christmas cheer mean different things to different people. It could be about spending time with friends and family, or about putting up the Christmas décor, or about giving and receiving gifts to your loved ones and a whole lot of other things. We say, bring in the…More

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