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It can be a tough one, we understand. Which of these two potato powerhouses from McDonald’s deserves to be a part of your mealtime? Allow us to dissect these two heavyweights—our World Famous McDonald’s French Fries and our very desi Masala Wedges—so you can decide better. We’ll also announce the…More

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If there’s one McDonald’s item that has seen the most history, it has to be our world-famousfries. Indeed, our fries are a history book in themselves. These timeless McDonald’s superstars are more than just fried potato cuts. They’re an infinite number of chronicles coming together to promise a memorable experience…like…More

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We know it’s a brag, but you just can’t deny it. McDonald’s and French fries are synonymous with each other. Just like how McDonald’s and burgers are. So much that everyone has their own McDonald’s Fries story. These toothsome bits have been able to wedge a place in your heart,…More

McSaver combo now starting Rs.59
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While you are probably busy with your Diwali shopping, making the best of festive deals, McDonald’s India (West & South) has 30 Asli Bachat offers for you. But first of all, how’s your match-making skill? Can you instantly tell two things that are a perfect match for each other? Or…More

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Have you bought a new phone lately? Or maybe spent just a little extra on Puja shopping? Bought that super-expensive dress finally? And now, you are looking to recuperate after your spending-spree (as best as possible) and you have all sorts of brilliant ideas. Planning to take a bus for…More

McDonald's India offers dandiya sticks for Navratri
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If there is one word that unites all our Gujarati friends during Navratri, it would be Dandiya, something that almost kickstarts the festive season in India in the most musical, fun-filled, and colourful way. For Dandiya, people get excited days in advance; read shopping, booking Dandiya Night tickets, choosing a…More

McDonald's Employee Stories
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It is workplace environment that matters the most for Ravi. “I don’t know how people manage to work at a place where no one smiles. I can never do that. At McDonald’s, we make sure the environment is always positive. Anyone who would observe us work for a while, would…More

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