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While many people are getting ready with festive preparations, the celebrations have also taken over the virtual world. Being a part of each other’s good times is just a tap away. With lots of clicks, snaps, pictures, videos, memes, reels, and stories, happiness has become borderless. Yes, everyone is not…More

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World Environment Health Day, celebrated on September 26th every year, offers a platform to raise awareness and motivate actions to protect human wellbeing by improving the environment’s health. With environmental concerns rising every day, it is important that we do everything in our power to take care of the planet.…More

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It is always better when one knows what one is consuming. Diet plays such a massive role in everyday life, so it is important to balance your meals. As per your requirements and goals, you can make decisions that are best for you. But you can only do so when…More

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Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create, and hearts to love.” – Anonymous The entirety of human existence is a learning process. Every moment teaches something, and every person teaches something. The knowledge gained is simply priceless. This Teachers’ Day, make your dear teacher/s feel special with McDonald’s meal.…More

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Rakshabandhan, the festival venerating the sacred bond between siblings, is evidence of the enduring strength of these relationships in the face of constant change. As the festive season approaches, McDonald’s is creating a tapestry of nostalgia and family unity by inviting all types of siblings to relive special moments and…More

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