Mixed Berry Smoothie vs American Mud Pie: Which McCafé drink is worth your sip?


With the summer heat showing no signs of relenting, we don’t think there’s such a thing as too much smoothie or shake these days.

While every cold treat in our McCafé menu is a refreshing idea for your time and throat, nothing beats the “berry” good Mixed Berry Smoothie and the chocolaty sinfulness of our American Mud Pie shake.

Of course, we’d like you to order both McDonald’s drinks, apart from everything else on the menu. But what if you could, for whatever reason, choose only one? We’d completely understand if you’d be in quite a dilemma in that scenario.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each of these two champions so you can decide better. Let’s see which of them wins this battle of the beverages!

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Think not one but four berry fruits going into this power drink from the McCafé menu—strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. The result is a colourful, sweet, and tangy blend that’s a fiesta for your eyes and taste buds. The smooth texture further makes it a delight to sip on. You don’t need to think of an occasion or reason to order this one—you can have it anytime, anywhere.

American Mud Pie

We know it’s a moment for celebration when you’re feasting on some heavenly mud pie. But when it comes to our signature American Mud Pie, it’s a cool shake you’d call for when you’re especially seeking some respite from the scorching sun or just trying to end your day on a sweet note. Think of it as a creamy version of the American classic, with more chocolate than you can expect. Go ahead, indulge in this luscious McDonald’s drink.

Our verdict: It’s obvious that it’s Mixed Berry Smoothie for fruit lovers and American Mud Pie for the chocoholics. But we don’t believe you should stick to just one. Order both McDonald’s drinks from our McCafé menu on the McDelivery app and decide accordingly. You’d be the best judge for the job, we say.

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