Sip on our 2 new “immunity boosting beverages” for anytime rejuvenation

There are several benefits to a piping hot cup of tea or coffee other than refreshing your senses. Read immunity.

That’s why we, at McCafé, ensure a variety of beverages are added to our menu comprising these options and more.

We also understand there are times when you need that something extra in your cuppa. Say, a sprinkling of herbs or a choice of exhilarating spices for that added dose of nutrients and vitality.

The current scenario has especially made us spare more thought to what we eat and drink and whether what we consume contributes to our overall health and well-being. We now seek simple ways to support and boost our immunity through diet.

That’s why we’ve brought out the Herbal Brew Collection, a new range of drinks at McDonald’s McCafe stores that promise taste and rejuvenation in one go.

Inspired by traditional Indian beverages, these offerings include the goodness of various natural ingredients known to benefit the body in myriad ways. The drinks are a great way to incorporate these healthy ingredients—known for their immunity-boosting properties—in your diet and, thus, help strengthen your immune system. They’re your ticket to feeling recharged, refreshed, healthy, and energetic.

So, on the one hand, we have the Masala Kadak Chai in our list of new drinks at McDonald’s McCafe stores, which blends the collective brilliance of black pepper, ginger, and turmeric with high-quality tea. And there’s our Turmeric Latte on the other, which combines turmeric and ginger in beautiful measure with a serving of pure milk.

The benefits of these herbs and spices are widely known. Turmeric helps provide relief from cough and cold, eases sore throat, and aids in improved blood circulation. Black pepper can detoxify the body, fight inflammation, and boost gut health. Ginger not only combats infection and inflammation but also plays a role in settling stomach upsets.

Can there be anything more uplifting than these drinks at McDonald’s McCafe stores?

Get your cup of wholesomeness NOW at your nearest McDonald’s McCafé outlets or on the McDelivery website or app.

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