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McCafe Q Grader
Coffee Tales

It is no secret that people who love coffee usually have a favorite place to hang out at. It is because no matter how hyped a place might be, it may or may not guarantee good coffee. To serve authentic, handcrafted coffee, you need people who understand coffee, who can…More

Hum Log

Our baristas go through extensive training to learn about things like the history of coffee, extraction techniques and latte art. As a result, they make rich, velvety, handcrafted coffee for every order at McCafé. Recently, we talked to Mamta Sharma, a McCafé barista at McDonald’s Hill Road, Mumbai about what…More

McCafe coffee tales
Coffee Tales

What does the first sip of your coffee remind you of? Does it remind you of early mornings when you sit by yourself engrossed in a novel? Does it take you back to your favorite café in town? Or does it conjure up a memory of a special someone? Whatever…More

Coffee Tales

I will start working when my coffee does. If coffee can’t fix it, it is a serious problem….Ever came across such memes and pins that you ended up sharing them yourself? Needless to say, coffee has become an emotion for most of us today. And this emotion means a lot…More

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