It’s raining flavors with our beverage innovation!


McDonald’s is always at the forefront of creating innovations in the menu to keep it exciting for customers. One would think that is just the case for food, but we have jumped right into beverages as well.

The two new beverage takes the traditional Indian flavors and blends them skillfully with the iconic essence of Coca-Cola and Sprite.

If you are craving an indulgent burger such as a McChicken Burger, Grilled Chicken & Cheese Burger, or a Mexican McAloo Tikki Burger, then you must try pairing it with a Chilli Guava Sprite. This refreshing twist comes with a blend of spicy guava and bubbly, lemony Sprite.


All your homies have gathered, and it has been declared an official movie night, so it definitely calls for food to be arranged. Enjoy your film while munching on crispy, soft, and juicy McSpicy Fried Chicken with a Chilli Guava Sprite on the side. This chic concoction is prepared with spicy guava mixed with bubbly, lemony Sprite.

If all your cousins stop by your place, you know it is going to be a whole day of lots of talking, laughing, and selfies. Then you will definitely need something to fuel you, and some light bites would do the trick. Yummy nibbles like the Veg Pizza McPuff, Chicken McNuggets, Masala Wedges, Cheesy Veg Nuggets, Mexican Cheesy Fries, or Fries will go fantastically well with a chilled Masala Pop Coke. This absolute banger of a drink gives you the taste of lemon and spices with a hint of tamarind that is totally surprising.

If you want to try something new but don’t want to let go of your comfort food, then we can just pair the two. Grab your go-to order like a McVeggie Burger or a Chicken Maharaja Mac with, of course, Fries or Chicken McNuggets. With the warmth of your favorites on the side, take a leap of faith and experience the new, electrifying Masala Pop Coke. The flavors in this catch you off guard with the hint of tamarind that is blended with lemon and spices.

Energize yourself with the exhilarating and zingy remix and mash-up of the classic sodas, Coke and Sprite. Pair these new beverages with your favorite items on the menu at a McDonald’s restaurant near you. You can always enjoy them from the comfort of your home by ordering from the McDelivery app or the McDelivery website. The drinks will be delivered in EZ reusable bottles, making it convenient for you. Be sure to check out the McDonald’s app to avail exciting deals and discounts.

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