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It may not be an exaggeration to say that if you #UnSkipBreakfast, you can make a 360-degree change in your life. Most people use the morning rush-hour as an excuse to skip breakfast. If only they knew that eating that first meal of the morning,…More

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“In the last 21 years, McDonald’s has been a different brand every 2-3 years. We have evolved from being a basic burger company to a Quick Service Restaurant. While in the early days, it was about introducing the burger to the Indian consumer, over the…More

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When two seven year olds decide to be cool about being a boyfriend and a girlfriend over a McAloo Tikki burger, it was a truly awww moment. It was one of the first McDonald’s ads that celebrated love. At first, it may look like a…More

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Fusion Food is the trend today. And, why not, when distances have evaporated and immense curiosity exists about diverse cultures. With cuisine and tastes forming a large part of this fascination, chefs are disrupting classic recipes to create cuisine that is a mix of polar…More

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Over the last two decades, McDonald’s India (West & South) has formed strong partnerships with its suppliers across India. Meet a few members of the extended McDonald’s family.More

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The best thing about today’s work environment is that women can really have it all! They are playing key roles across the workforce, conquering male bastions with feminine grace. McDonald’s is a perfect example of an international company, where women can be spotted everywhere, from…More

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