Go easy on a summer morning with McDonald’s Brekkie

Summer mornings can feel different, isn’t it? With the sun showing up in all its might, and you wanting to stay indoors and take it slow, or are you one of those who’d like to flaunt that sweet summer tan? It’s the sweltering heat that only gets stronger as the day progresses, and on such a day, a lazy, light and refreshing McDonald’s brekkie can be a delight!

If you have started your day early, are on the road to spend a couple of hours, or on vacay mode, a refreshing Breakfast at McDonald’s pitstop can be what you are looking for on a bright, sunny day.

The ‘can’t do without’ Breakfast at McDonald’s

One can’t miss the sweet spot when it’s about your favorite McDonald’s breakfast. The classic Scrambled Egg or Masala Scrambled Egg? Which one of the two is your go-to? Or are you one of those who prefers an Egg Muffin? A sausage fan in the house won’t go too far from the Sausage McMuffin where you can ask for a freshly steamed egg.

We cannot not mention the McDonald’s Hash brown yummies, that are one of the top favorites. The list goes on with wholesome and indulgent items for McDonald’s breakfast time: Veg McMuffin, Cheese McMuffin, Hot Cakes, and the sweet tooth favorite, Chocolate Chip Muffin and Vanilla Chocolate Muffin that makes for one of the most sought after breakfast items. 

Breakfast on time

Catch up on breakfast at McDonald’s between 7am and 11 am, to start your summer day in a flavorful way.  

The breakfast menu has got you thinking about your next breakfast at McDonald’s? We are ready to serve you your all-time favorite or the new McDonald’s favorite you are yet to experience. Walk in to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant or order in on McDelivery website or app. Start your mornings with the special brekkie!

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