Perfect match: 10 delicious ways to enjoy cricket with McDonald’s

CricketLovers, take note.

You could be glued to your TV screen catching the latest matches. Or revisiting your favourite games from the past to fill the gaps in your cricket memories.

In either case, you know you’d want to get the mood of the match right. Including the food.

Allow us to pick the apt flavour from the McDonald’s India menu for every key moment of the game and set the pitch for maximum enjoyment.

Here are 10 surefire ways to take your match-viewing experience to the next level by ordering from McDonald’s.

McChicken Burger during third-umpire decisions

When it’s such a tense moment as awaiting your favourite player’s fate from the match’s third umpire, your belly could do with something cheery to deal with the suspense. What’s better than this delightful burger, where a creamy mayonnaise gives a good partnership to a crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside chicken patty? Whatever the verdict, you’d at least have savoured a winning meal.

Chillers when your favourite player is out

Keep things cool in such instances with our iced Chiller. The fruity flavours will lift your plummeting mood in an instant.

Fries when your favourite team is chasing

Because “nail-biting action” can do with a more delicious phrasing, especially with this timeless bestseller from the McDonald’s India menu.

Brownie Soft Serve when your favourite team wins

Celebrate the occasion with this luxurious brownie-topped Soft Serve by McDonald’s.

McSpicy Fried Chicken or McSpicy Chicken Burger to spice up dull overs

Not every moment in the game can be action-packed, we agree. For such instances, you need the McSpicy Fried Chicken to—well—spice things up. This game-changing thriller is available only at McDonald’s South Region outlets for now. Else, you still have the McSpicy Chicken Burger, which is just as good.

Chicken McNuggets for the commentary

Let the sound of their crispy bite act as the perfect background score for the ball-by-ball narration reaching your ears. The chicken’s tender texture is simply a delectable bonus.

Coke for boundaries

Rejoice at these little wins by getting the drinks flowing.

McAloo Tikki Burger during the toss

If there’s no better meal starter than the Aloo Tikki, then there’s no better match starter than the McAloo Tikki Burger.

Veg or Chicken Maharaja Mac for the entire match

If there’s only one thing you can order from the McDonald’s India menu for the game, let this be it.

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