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Yes, experts still debate about the origin of the now universally-loved, golden potato fries, and guess what, these fries may not be French after all. As per a Belgian lore, villagers living in Meuse Valley used to fry and eat the fish they caught every…More

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McDonald’s India (West & South) has just reached the 20-year milestone. Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman, Westlife Development Limited and owner of the McDonald’s franchise for West and South India, sums up the journey as one where the restaurant had to think global, but be local.…More

Sunrise Hash

Some are calling it the latest fry innovation. They sure are fries with a delightful twist. McDonald’s Japan now offers French fries covered with chocolate sauce. Yes, you heard it right, McDonald’s Japan is now serving fries with a drizzle of white and regular chocolate…More

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Remember the times when during the monsoons, you just had to have Pakoras, Samosas, Jalebi, Chai followed up by a corn on the cob, or to give it its rightful name, Bhutta! Well, with McDonalds being available in India for the past 19 years, we…More

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Of course, you want fries with that. Does the server behind the register even need to ask? Let’s face it; no meal at McDonald’s is complete without an order of its delicious fries. And to think, the world-famous French fries were added to the menu…More

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The Perfect French Fry. Golden. Crisp. Just the right texture. And it just isn’t another chip of any other potato. On the contrary, it’s a very special potato that McCain nurtures carefully before it finally emerges as a golden beauty. First, there had to be…More