Grab a Dip! It’s National French Fry Day!

French Fry. Two words that can bring a smile to any face. French Fries are crispy, delicious in all shapes and sizes, and they, without any exaggeration, smell like happiness. What’s there not to love?

13th July is National French Fry Day, a day that unites all the fry lovers across the globe.  And this year, you can celebrate the day with a little twist. How, you may ask. Of course you gotta get your hands on the world famous McDonald’s French Fries first. Duh! They are world famous for a reason – it’s almost impossible to find that perfect texture, just the right amount of salt, and that happy crunch in every bite… anywhere else.

But there is more to McDonald’s Fries this time.

And would you like a free dip with that?

Every fry lover worth their salt knows the importance of a good dip. Fries and ketchup are like Yin and Yang. They complete each other. And if you haven’t really tried any other dip besides ketchup, now is the time.

On National French Fry day, McDonald’s brings to you four dips to dunk your fries in – Piri Piri, Sriracha, Mustard, and BBQ. And did we forget to mention that any one of these dips will be absolutely free with your McSaver Meal?

So which one of these dips would you like to try first – the hot Piri Piri, the spicy Sriracha, the zesty Mustard, or the flavorful Barbeque? We hope you have a name in mind already. Just walk into your nearest McDonald’s India (South & West) outlet and make the most of this special offer now!

Happy National French Fry Day again!

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