WATCH: Will this man’s best friend “steal his fries” once again?

When was the last time your best friend stole from your pack of McDonald’s French fries?

You can’t remember, can you?

The only thing you’re likely to recall is how irritating it felt at the time.

And that the incident probably dated back to March 2020 or before.

Today, considering restaurants around (including McDonald’s) are reopening with all safety measures in place, there’s a silver lining now when it comes to getting those playful moments with your friends back.

And this is exactly what McDonald’s Canada’s latest ad depicts—the wish to have a reunion with your pals after so long and get them to steal your McDonald’s French fries, which, to be honest, you’d allow only someone special to do.

‘Steal My Fries’ shows a lone diner reminiscing the times his best friend would annoyingly eat from his pack of McDonald’s French fries without asking him. But, with so much time gone after their last meeting due to obvious reasons, the diner would now do anything in these improved circumstances to get his pal to repeat his antics. Will the diner’s numerous attempts to convince his BFF succeed? Watch this minute-long musical clip to find out. And do keep those tissues handy—the ad is truly an emotional experience.

Given our restaurants are now open with all safety and hygiene protocols in place, it’s time for you and your friend to recreate those memories. Head to your nearest McDonald’s outlet or Drive Thru. Or order from the McDelivery website or app.

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