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Good Food Stories

If you were asked to name one popular dish from each South Indian state, what would you say? Let’s help you a little there. You must have surely heard of Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Keema Masala Dosa, Malabar Fish Curry, and Chicken Chettinad. Along with beautiful…More

Sunrise Hash

Chef Crafted Flavors is a new initiative by McDonald’s to bring to its customers gourmet offerings. As part of this initiative, three new burgers are being tested in San Diego County, California. For the three burgers, patrons get to choose from three different types of…More

What's Hot

There’s an avid collector in every one of us, some collect stamps, while some collect coins, and some even collect Happy Meal toys. Ranging from kids to teenagers and adults there are several individuals all over the world with a knack for collecting Happy Meal…More

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