How we’re keeping our McFamily safe right now


At McDonald’s, we believe in delivering a memorable meal to you and your loved ones and providing you with the highest-quality service. But it’s impossible for us to make this happen without our beloved employees, who constitute our McFamily.

Hence, it’s as much a goal for us to take care of our team—our pride—and ensure their safety and well-being. That’s why Westlife Development Ltd., the master franchisee of McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India, have in place a host of measures (contactless delivery and many more) that safeguard our employees’ health while also creating the best possible environment for them to serve you well. Here are 9 key steps we take for our McFamily’s safety.


We recently announced the coverage of all costs and expenses for getting our 10,000+ employees vaccinated against Covid-19.

Regular thermal temperature checks at the start of the day

Every employee undergoes a temperature check daily at the beginning of their shift. If anyone has an above-normal temperature, they’re asked to rest and allowed to rejoin only once they recover.

Thorough and frequent handwashing

This is a crucial step we emphasise for overall health and hygiene. Our employees wash their hands thoroughly and frequently for at least 20 seconds each time, as per standard guidelines. We especially do this after and even before regular procedures such as food handling, waste disposal, and restroom use.

Protective gear, including masks and gloves

Masks are our biggest defence right now, even after the vaccination. We provide our McFamily team with the best-quality masks and gloves for this purpose, which they wear at all times. Theseplay a pivotal role in ensuringeveryone’s safety.

Adequate physical distancing

For their benefit and protection,our employees maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other at work—including the kitchen area—through the use of distancing markings, even if they clear all health-related criteria. We also have social-distancing markings throughout our restaurants.

Updated Aarogya Setu app installed on employees’ phones

At McDonald’s India, we make intensive use of this facility to keep ourselves informed and better protected.

Sanitisers at every touchpoint

These are another crucial way for our employees to ensure hygiene at each step of the process. We use only the best global-standard sanitisers at our restaurants.

Cashless payment and contactless food delivery

We encourage our customers to pay for their orders if they can during checkout on the McDelivery website or app. Our delivery partners can then reach the orders to the customers without coming into contact with them. These measures, thus, make it a safe proposition for everyone.

Flexible working hours and work-from-home options

These help safeguard our employees’ physiological and mental health. We also limit the number of crew members present at our restaurants. For those at home, we keep them productively engaged with interesting training modules they can access from their phones.

Our Golden Guarantee is a lifetime commitment to the welfare of our employees and customers. We hope to make things even better for our McDonald’s India McFamily and keep improving their safety, protection, and well-being. We promise to constantly endeavour in this direction.

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