This Diwali Season, McDonald’s Offers Asli Bachat With McSavers

Diwali, the festival of lights and hope and togetherness.  It is the festival before which you are constantly on the run. There is so much to do and the entire family seems to be busy all the time. Not without a good reason though. From cleaning to shopping to meeting so many people, the to-do list is quite long for everyone.

And on top of all that rush, you need to look for the best shopping deals. After all, too much shopping shouldn’t mean too much spending. You gotta save. Talking of saving, McDonald’s scores a big one this festive season with its McSavers Combos at just Rs 59. Fries and Fanta, or McEgg and Coke, or Pizza McPuff and Iced Tea, or McAloo Tikki burger and Sprite? Go ahead, make your own McSavers Combo. The possibilities are endless!

Besides McSavers, here are a few reasons you must visit your nearest McDonald’s this festive season:

Because you are tired!

All that Diwali cleaning means less time to prepare meals. This is a sweet little hint that you should head over to your nearest McDonald’s. The order will be served in no time and before you know it, the entire family will be all fed and ready to move on to the next task.

Coz you would rather spend time with your family

Shopping for clothes, buying gifts and sweets, wrapping them for loved ones, downloading Diwali illustrations to send to your WhatsApp contacts, those mandatory pre-Diwali selfies…between all things festive, you need not spend any extra time cooking. Especially when McDonald’s is at your service.

Coz you don’t have to eat unhealthy!

When your hands are full, chances are high that you may eat something ready-made and unhealthy. A much better choice would be to order from a place you trust. With patties without any preservatives and artificial colours, and whole wheat wraps and whole wheat buns and low-fat desserts, your lunches and dinners at McDonald’s come with an assurance of quality ingredients. Bon Appétit.

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