This Festive Season, Go Crazy with McSaver Combos

While you are probably busy with your Diwali shopping, making the best of festive deals, McDonald’s India (West & South) has 30 Asli Bachat offers for you. But first of all, how’s your match-making skill? Can you instantly tell two things that are a perfect match for each other? Or you can’t match for toffee? Don’t worry, cause this festive season, you’re gonna be exercising your match-making skill a lot with the 30 McSaver Combos available at McDonald’s. Yep! We are all about those easy mix-and-match combos for you and what’s even better? You can get all 30 combos for ₹59 each! Now that’s what we call Asli Bachat.

Thirty ways to treat yourself

For your ultimate snacking experience, McDonald’s India (West & South) has a round-up of six main items and five small beverages for you to pair from. Don’t worry, your all-time favs like the McAloo Tikki Burger, McEgg Burger, fries, are all on our McSaver Combos’ à la carte menu. Besides these, your other favs like Pizza McPuff, Masala Wedges, and the all-new Grilled Chatpata Aloo Burger, are also available to complete your snacking options.

But is it really complete without something refreshing to wash down your burgers and fries and McPuffs? No? We thought so. You can pick any one from the all-time versatile beverages like Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Thumbs-up, and Georgia Iced-tea to go with any of the delicious mains. And that’s 30 combos for you to try out!

You wanna go for the safer option and pair a McAloo Tikki Burger with a small Coke? Go for it! You wanna try something unusual and pair Masala Wedges with a small Georgia Iced Tea? That’s a match too! So go ahead and go crazy with our McSaver Combos!

Please note: The burgers on the McSaver ₹59 Combo menu only come with regular buns.

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