5 reasons you can’t resist McDonald’s Fries


We know it’s a brag, but you just can’t deny it.

McDonald’s and French fries are synonymous with each other.

Just like how McDonald’s and burgers are.

So much that everyone has their own McDonald’s Fries story.

These toothsome bits have been able to wedge a place in your heart, courtesy 5 solid factors. Here’s why you can never say no to McDonald’s Fries.

They’re made from the freshest potatoes

Ask anyone you want, and they’ll tell you the potatoes used for McDonald’s French Fries—as well as our other offerings—are sourced locally and sourced fresh. No compromises on quality, we promise. The result: an extremely satisfying French-fries experience you find yourself wanting to repeat often.

They’re so crispy, you can hear the crunch

mcdonalds fries salt

Why do you think it’s so difficult to recreate that distinctive crunch of McDonald’s French Fries at home or anywhere else? There’s a painstaking process involved, from procuring the right potatoes and hand-cutting the imperfections off them to using special knives to carve out the fries and putting the pieces through several cooking procedures. Now you know why you crave that crispiness in your meal—so much, you have to order a good batch of McDonald’s Fries to go with it.

You can pick from 3 distinct flavours

types of fries in mcdonald's

Our Classic Salted Fries are always a great idea. In case you’re up for experimentation and want to spice things up, McDonald’s has two more flavourful options. Go on a cocktail-tabasco-sauce-drizzled cheese overload with Mexican Cheesy Fries. Or combine your fries in a bag with our fiery Piri Piri spice mix and shake them to a beat to create your own Piri Piri Fries. Our advice: keep it simple and order all of these!

They can get thicker if you like

mcdonalds potato wedges

Who says fries always have to be the same thin size? Try our Masala Wedges as well—bigger and spicier. Pair them with our Iced Tea for the best results. Though, we won’t complain if you want to relish both fries and wedges:)

There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy them

You may nibble on them delicately or gorge on them hungrily. You may stay content with a small pack or indulge with an L-size bag. You may coat your McDonald’s French Fries with ketchup or swirl them in a glass of Coke. Did you just say you like to dip them in our Soft Serve instead? Why not!

However you choose to eat your McDonald’s Fries, we’ve got your back. So, go ahead, make the most of our menu, and order from the McDelivery app to your heart’s content!

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