All things spicy, all things yummy! That’s the all new Rashmika Meal!

We’ve got the hotness quotient rising with our favourite star, Rashmika Mandanna sharing her favourite McDonald’s meal. Yes, goes without saying, we are absolutely thrilled to bring out the one-of-a-kind Famous Orders meal: (drum roll, please) Presenting to you, The Rashmika Meal! Yup! Go ahead and do your happy dance because there’s a lot of yummy goodness packed in this meal.  

You know what makes this meal really special? The fact that it is a collection of all the McDonald’s items that have been a part of Rashmika’s big and small wins of life. And she sure is excited to share it with everyone. Aren’t you super-duper thrilled too?

What’s in your favourite’s favourite Meal at McDonald’s, you ask?

A mix of all things spicy, crunchy, sweet and fizzy!

Now, let’s give you a headway into how Rashmika likes to relish her McDonald’s favourites. What can be more exciting than getting a chance to experience your favourite star’s McDonald’s favourites, her way!

Would you have guessed? The first bite is reserved for the McSpicy Fried Chicken. Then she loads the Piri Piri fries into the McSpicy Chicken Burger to take the spice a notch higher.

To ease off the heat, she takes a huge swig of the refreshing Nimbu Fizz and ends on a sweet note with an indulgent bite of the creamy McFlurry.

You could try The Rashmika Meal her way or dive into it in your own special way. Well, if you’d like to jog your memory with what each of these products bring to the table, here’s the list.

Piri Piri Fries

The much loved, tastebud teasing, Piri Piri Fries with its coarsely ground mix of a combination of spices such as chilli, black pepper, garlic, tamarind, herbs and more, is the first to get in to the meal.

McSpicy Fried Chicken (1Pc)

Yes, you can either gorge on the first bite of the McSpicy Fried Chicken like Rashmika does or save the spice to the very last bite. This one is packed with natural herbs and spices, and free of added flavours, colours, and preservatives. Do we see a common favourite here?

McSpicy Chicken Burger

The spice-loaded McSpicy Chicken Burger brings in the wholesome delight of crunchy coated chicken patty with the freshness of green lettuce and the lusciousness added with the creamy sauce. Truly, you are in for sheer spicy indulgence!

Nimbu Fizz

The feeling of freshness isn’t too far when there is the fizzy and bubbly and oh-so-lemony Nimbu Fizz on the side. A few sips here and there or a swig in between can sure bring some solace to all the heat from the spice.


All’s well that ends well with a sweet note. Rashmika’s much-loved creamy and dreamy McFlurry is part of the meal deal. Sweet, isn’t it?

Can’t wait till you get to your favourite’s favourite meal already? Don’t hesitate to be amongst the first few to get the new and exciting Rashmika Meal. For all the fans, followers and spice lovers, remember, it is a limited time meal. So, step into your nearest McDonald’s restaurant or order in on the McDelivery app. Don’t forget, The Rashmika Meal is only available in South India.

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