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If you are an old McDonald’s customer, you must have noticed that a few years back, the look and feel of McDonald’s restaurants went through a major transformation. While the vibrant hues and the “Forever Young” theme were not disturbed, there was something very modern…More

McDonald's_Olympics 2016
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It all began in 1968 when McDonald’s airlifted hamburgers to U.S. athletes in Grenoble, France, who were homesick for McDonald’s food. Ever since, McDonald’s has served millions of athletes, their coaches, families and fans during various Olympic Games. This year, McDonald’s is sending 100 kids…More

Amit Jatia
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For all those who have been waiting for the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant in their city, this is some good news. In the next few years to come, McDonald’s plans to develop a restaurant base of 500 stores in West and South India. In…More

Bachcha's Day Out
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A ride in a 50 seater bus, followed by a magic show and a Happy Meal, even for an adult, are nothing less than simple joys of life. So you can imagine the excitement of kids from Aadhar Youth Foundation who rode the bus to…More


These are the times when almost everyone is digitally connected. The phone is always on and the data pack, always enabled. And while you may claim you know your son more than anyone else, it may have been quiet a while since you had a…More

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Did you know that as per archaeological evidence, pancakes were the earliest and the most widespread cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies? Romans ate a version of pancakes (called Alita Dolcia) in the 1st century AD which was said to be made on a greased…More

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What was common between Big Ben, Hong Kong’s Skyline, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Mumbai’s McDonald’s restaurants on March 27 last year? They all had their lights off between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. This year, the Earth Hour will be observed on 19 March. It…More

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