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Sunrise Hash

The next time you are looking at something truly exotic to eat at McDonald’s, pop into a plane and go to Australia. Yes, you heard it right. Australia, where McDonald’s are lovingly and reverentially called Macca’s, has worked out a super smooth system that lets…More

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Over the past month or so, the Kuch Pal Offline campaign has stood out because of its refreshing approach and its originality. The campaign, which is viral on TV and social media, has come in for praise from all. An excerpt from Mr. KedarTeny, Director-marketing and…More

Hum Log

“From IHM Goa, I had the opportunity to work either with the Taj group, Four Seasons or McDonald’s. The program at McDonald’s appealed to me the most as it was providing the most promising growth opportunity.Now that I look back, seven years later, I am…More

Sunrise Hash

Corporate training program that teaches you how to do things correctly, are a dime a dozen. However, a video demonstrating how you keep a restaurant spic and span, which is a parody of the most popular music of the time is a rarity in itself.…More

Sunrise Hash

Sure, some people have friends and family, but James Franco had McDonald’s. The “Spider-Man” star had put pen to paper to wax poetic about his longtime love for golden arches and as remembrance of his tenure as a McDonald’s employee, something of a love letter…More

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When it comes to breakfast, the most appealing morning meals are usually the ones you can grab on the way to work. Sure, scrambling a few egg whites doesn’t take long, but it’s so much easier to swing by the drive-thru under the golden arches.…More

Sunrise Hash

McDonald’s Hungary and its advertising agency, DDB Budapest have hit upon an innovative idea to make things even simpler for their customers and their employees. They have transformed the humble McDonald’s paper bag into a combination of a tray and a bag. The bottom of…More

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With temperatures soaring to the high 40 degrees this summer, there is a refreshing ‘new range of smoothies’ on the McDonald’s menu to beat the heat this summer. McCafe’s smoothies come in three delectable fruity flavors: Mixed Berry, Passion Fruit and Mango. Each smoothie is…More

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Hubli, also known as Hubballi, literally means “a flowering creeper” in Kannada. During ancient times, the historic town of Hubli was known by the names Raya Hubli and Elaya Puravada Halli. In the last decade, Hubli metamorphosed into a commercial centre for trade in cotton and…More

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