Five Reasons To Visit McDonald’s

Why do people keep coming back to McDonald’s? Could it be the menu that everyone knows on their fingertips? Or perhaps the consistently awesome food across all the outlets?
Here are top five of the many, many, many reasons to visit McDonald’s!

Because the craving for the world’s best fries is real.


“I don’t like French Fries,” said no one ever. While millennials may increasingly warm up to the idea of new age cuisines, no one is giving up on their beloved fries anytime soon. Fries are the most loved food item in the world. And is there any better place to have fries than McDonald’s?

Because the best friend got his first job!

mcdonalds customers

“Well, it may sound typical. But we are happy and we gotta announce it to the world on social media. A treat at McDonald’s, puts a smile on everyone’s face. Selfie ready? Yes, we are,” says a customer.

Because road trips are incomplete without a stopover at McDonald’s

drive-thruTravelers across the globe know exactly why a pit stop at McDonald’s is so essential; familiar food, ample parking space, clean washrooms, and if one is pressed for time, there’s always the drive-thru!

Because it’s family’s day out

Visit McDonald's

McDonald’s is one of the few places that has something for everyone. So if the entire family is going out, McDonald’s is the unanimous choice!

Because we get tired and (very) hungry after shopping!

McDonald's India#DidYouKnow! On an average, people walk for about 2.96 miles while shopping and wait in trial room lines for at least an hour.

So, imagine this – you’re finally done shopping. You’re famished – because matching your clothes to your shoes is a relatively tiring experience that requires going to three different stores in a span of an hour. Add the sultry weather to this deal. And then, you walk into a restaurant. Order food. But have to wait for another 25 minutes for your meal…

Obviously, the Maharaja Mac, with a portion of large fries and chilled Coke sounds so much better, right? And the best part – do you really need a reason to visit McDonald’s?

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