Amidst Ancient Rome, A Happy Meal

McDonalds Rome

A 150-ft-long stretch of basalt road with ancient Roman ruins has been cleared, cleaned and opened for public. And in case someone is in a mood for a Happy Meal – that will be served too! We are talking about world’s first drive-thru museum in Italy.

People who visit Italy’s Frattocchie McDonald’s restaurant, will now access a 2000-year-old stretch of Roman Road beneath the restaurant!

McDonalds Restaurant Rome

“We’ve been able to return a stretch of the Roman road to the local community and to all of Italy,” Mario Federico, the head of McDonald’s Italia, told the Telegraph. “The project is a good example of how the public and private sectors can collaborate effectively to reclaim cultural heritage.”

There are three ancient skeletons of adult males on this road that are now on display. “The skeletons belong to three men, the oldest of whom was aged 35-40,” said Pamela Cerino, an archaeologist who worked on the dig.

Visitors need not order at McDonald’s to see this well preserved road which is accessible from the restaurant’s car parking as well, though one cannot undermine the thrill of witnessing history with a Big Mac in hand and some fries on the side. What do you think?

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