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Five Kinds of Phirni You Cannot Miss This Festive Season

Food in India is fit for the Gods. The Indian cuisine is nothing short of a celebration, and if there is a festival on the cards, the feast becomes even grander. The Phirni, a sweet pudding style dessert, with milk and dry fruits, originated in the Mughal era and has been adapted in various ways ever since. Here are five kinds of Phirni you should definitely try. Number five is a surprise.

Kesar Phirni

The Kesar Phirni is traditionally made with saffron and rice among other ingredients like milk, condensed milk and sugar. This one is a classic, and all the other phirnis have been derived from this.

Kashmiri Phirni

The phirni from Kashmir has a distinct taste from all other phirnis. Instead of rice, it is made from dry roasted semolina. This preparation is much more intricate and time consuming compared to other phirnis, as the semolina is added in very small quantities over a long period of time to make sure no lumps are formed.

Oats Apple Phirni

This one is a modern take on phirni. The rice is replaced by white coarsely crushed oats, and the flavour of apple is prominent. What’s more? It is a very low-calorie dessert, therefore comes with zero-guilt indulgence.

Chocolate Phirni

This one is for all chocolate and fusion dessert lovers. Made with melted chocolate and milk, this phirni gives a modern and quirky twist to the traditional one. Sometimes, it is served in cups made of chocolates, as if it’s not fancy enough on its own!

McFlurry Phirni

And now for your surprise is our new favourite phirni in town- the McFlurry phirni! This is not a drill, McDonald’s India (West & South) has launched the McFlurry phirni which is a delectable combo of the sweetness of phirni and your favourite soft serve. It’s made with delicate flavours of rich condensed milk along with a rice bits sauce. Perfect for Diwali, right? Or even before that!

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