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As bad as it was, the Chennai floods brought out the best in people. People from all walks of life were seen helping others on the streets, rescuing them, bringing food to them, doing every little thing that could help in some way. McDonald’s staff…More

Sunrise Hash

In true ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ fashion, it rained McMuffins in Melbourne, Australia. Maccas tied up with Jafflechutes to launch Bacon & Egg McMuffins, from a rooftop, at the Melbourne Elizabeth St store to waiting customers below. This marked the beginning of all-day…More

Kuch pal offline 2
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In today’s world, where everyone is engrossed in one form of social media or another, people have very little time to sit down with family and friends to have a meaningful conversation or spend some quality time doing fun activities. In an attempt to prompt…More

McDelivery by McDonald's
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The idea of getting hot and fresh food delivered at doorstep has struck all the right chords with the people today. Yes, one of the top food trends in the recent past has been that of home delivery. According to a report on Indian Food…More

Greenlane McDonalds- McDonalds India blog
Sunrise Hash

If you are planning to visit Auckland in near future, do take a stop at McDonald’s in Greenlane for a bite. The restaurant has got a complete makeover and is offering a gourmet experience to its patrons. Everything from the signature interiors to the standard…More

Sweet Potatoes Texas
Sunrise Hash

Customer: One McChicken please. Add some fries on the side. Server: Ma’am normal fries or sweet potato fries? Customer: *surprised* what!? Well yes, the transition from a sunny yellow to an amber shade of your favorite snack- French fries is happening in Amarillo, Texas. McDonald’s,…More

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In a recent interview with the Forbes magazine, Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman of Westlife Development, talked about McDonald’s focus on the long term goals and strategies to evolve with consumer trends. McDonald’s philosophy, according to Jatia, is to constantly develop new markets. However, he believes…More

basket of treats for a foodie
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Do you love to watch cookery shows? Do you love to try out new restaurants in your city? Are you completely familiar with placements of food products in your nearby supermarket? Do you agree that food is a form of an art itself? If your…More

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