Kuch Pal Offline So Far

In today’s world, where everyone is engrossed in one form of social media or another, people have very little time to sit down with family and friends to have a meaningful conversation or spend some quality time doing fun activities. In an attempt to prompt people to do just that, McDonald’s launched the Kuch Pal Offline campaign which aimed to get customers away from their mobile phones and computers and spend some time with family and friends. The introduction of sharing packs encouraged customers to spend time with each other over a meal.

Kuch Pal Offline is not just another marketing campaign among the countless others trying to promote brands. According to KedarTeny, Director Marketing and Digital, McDonald’s India (West & South), “Kuch Pal Offline is a philosophy to bring people closer.”

The Kuch Pal Offline campaign was recently awarded the Best Innovation Campaign Award by the International Advertising Association. Here are a few glimpses of Kuch Pal Offline at McDonald’s so far.

Kuch pal offline

Kuch pal offline

Kuch pal offline

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