A Burger In 5 Different Styles

Creating the perfect burger is an art form. Starting with the selection of the ingredients to serving it on the table, there are many ways of preparing one. The patty is the most crucial component of the burger and getting it right is, therefore, of topmost priority. At McDonald’s, chicken patties are prepared fresh upon order and are sourced from HACCP approved suppliers all over the country.

Here are 5 different ways in which a burger patty can be made.

1. Grilling:

Cooking on a grill gives the patty a distinct look and a smoky flavor. The open flames char the patty, leaving the signature grill marks. The patty develops a crust on the outside while remaining juicy and succulent inside. The patty needs to be flipped every three minutes in order to avoid burning. McDonald’s Chicken McGrill is a fine example of this cooking style.
McDonald's Chicken McGrill

2. Pan Searing:

Just a little bit of oil and a smoking hot pan can make a patty that is cooked through. Pan searing is a relatively easier method as the patty takes time to cook and there are less chances of burning or overcooking.
Pan Searing

3. Deep Frying:

Covering the patty in batter and deep frying it results in a crunchy patty that is tender on the inside. The batter can be seasoned with spices to add a kick to the burger. A deep fried patty has texture and flavor like no other. The McSpicy Chicken and McSpicyPaneer burgers at McDonald’s have patties that are covered in a spicy batter and then fried making them a spicy and crunchy delight.
Deep Frying

4. Sous Vide:

The simplest methods of them all, sous vide just requires cooking the patty at a fixed temperature in a water bath. This style of cooking yields consistent results and the patty cooks throughout. After cooking sous vide, the patty can be lightly seared, grilled or fried to give it the preferred texture.

5. Steaming:

Much like sous vide, cooking with steam results in a moist and juicy patty which can be later seared for a crispy crust. This method also allows you to make egg patties like the one in a McDonald’s McEgg burger.
The five cooking styles result in a variety of flavors and textures which make each patty taste unique. Try out all the methods and find out which one suits your palate.

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