Focusing On Long Term Strategy

In a recent interview with the Forbes magazine, Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman of Westlife Development, talked about McDonald’s focus on the long term goals and strategies to evolve with consumer trends.

McDonald’s philosophy, according to Jatia, is to constantly develop new markets. However, he believes that one cannot rush into building a business. The right approach, location, menu and, a robust understanding of the market are imperative for success.

“You can’t build a business by looking at it quarter on quarter,” he says.

Talking about the evolution of consumer taste in the last decade, Jatia says “People don’t come to us because of what they can get at other places. We did the Aloo Tikki innovation in 1997.  In my view, McDonald’s has written the playbook on what is the balance between Western and Indian tastes. So the bottom line is that when consumers come to McDonald’s, they are looking for western food but with flavors that are relevant to them,” he says.

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