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McDonald's happy meal lego movie
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For more than half a decade, Lego toys have had a special place in kids’ hearts around the world. From children’s rooms to the world of pop culture, Legos have always captured our imaginations (minus the times you accidentally stepped on them). It wasn’t all that long ago when Legos…More

Cheesy Rice bowl at McDonalds
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Rice with gravy on top? Rice with tomato ketchup? Or with soft-boiled eggs and butter? The way people eat rice across India varies not just because of culture, but also because of personal innovations and habits. Coming to the two newly launched Rice Bowls at McDonald’s, here are a few…More

FIFA World Cup
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The FIFA World Cup 2018 is off to a flyer. With the conclusion of the round of 16, we are all set for the last-eight battles! With the world’s largest fan following, the FIFA World Cup captures the imagination of people across the globe, irrespective of age, race, gender, ethnicity…More

McDonald's Employee
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If you meet Sushmitha, you are bound to smile instantly, for her smile is infectious, and she is never seen without it. Sushmitha came to Bengaluru from a small town near the city, with a dream to live an independent life. She kept looking for an opportunity to make something…More

Cheesy Italiano Veg
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The world is getting cheesier than ever. Cheese has become one of the main ingredients in many dishes around the world, but there is one cuisine which surpasses all others when it comes to using cheese- Italian. Now we can’t tell you what led to what; whether it was Italian…More