Ronald McDonald House Charities Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

RMHC India anniversaryIt has been two great years. Two years of opening our doors to children of the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital, Mumbai. Two years of watching children taking strength from each other’s company and making RMHC India Family Room a happy, noisy place.

Most of the children and their families that frequent the RMHC Family Room come from remote, rural locations in India due to lack of healthcare facilities in their hometowns. The Room provides a much needed break between their doctor appointments and various tests.

RMHC India is more than a room. A far cry from sanitizing smells of a typical hospital, it is a bright and happy space that lets children be children and do things they would love to do. Between those painting classes, musical sessions, and dance rehearsals, the children forget about the chatter around their sickness for a while. Not just that, they end up making friends they share their toys with, tie Rakhis to, and pose for pictures with.

RMHC India

For parents, the Family Room is a place where they can sit and relax while their children are busy playing or participating in co-curricular activities. They also get to interact with other parents who are going through the same journey and comfort each other. Not just that, the families are also encouraged to attend art based therapy sessions which help them deal with their stress.

In the last two years, hundreds of families have found comfort and care at the RMHC Family Room. That is something that we will continue to aim for. Here is to many more years!

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