These McDonald’s Christmas Ads Are Sure To Tug At Your Heartstrings

Whether it’s Christmas or Diwali or New Year’s Eve, won’t you agree that McDonald’s has always been there to celebrate with you? Always sending lots of love, good cheer and joy, McDonald’s has always found a way into our hearts. These Christmas ads made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and we can’t get over it.

Are You #ReindeerReady?

Reindeers and baby carrots go together like cats and old ladies. McDonald’s sweet little ad about Santa’s quest to find baby carrots for his reindeers is guaranteed to make your heart smile.

McDonald’s Is For Everyone

Christmas is right around the corner, and so is McDonald’s. And for the bleary-eyed, the lovers, the singles, the quiet ones, and the escapers alike, there is a McDonald’s that is always open.

Lots of Singing And Merry-making

Let’s go back in time with this one- To a time when nothing felt more Christmassy than a children’s choir singing good old Christmas songs with lit candles. Here’s an ad that captures the best of Christmas spirit from all over the globe.

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