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Can you imagine your digital life without Emojis? Emojis are the best way to express! So this Friendship month, express yourself with The Emoji Movie Happy Meal Toys available at McDonald’s.

Gene, the emoji with multiple emotions, is all set to find a way to become a normal emoji like his parents. He and his friends like hi5, stop sign and the slobbering puppy, will be at your nearest theatre on 11 August. And to celebrate the same, we at McDonald’s, bring to you the complete range of Emoji movie Happy Meal toys. The 10 hanging plush toys that you can get your hands on, with a Happy Meal, include of course Gene, and other super bubbly and adorable emojis like Jailbreak, Dice, Frog and Monkey. So, this is a good opportunity to treat yourself and your friends to an Emoji Happy Meal. Celebrate Togetherness!

Giveaway Alert

And here is a chance to win free Emoji Movie toys! Participate in the McDonald’s Blog Happy Meal Toys Giveaway and just tell us which is your favourite emoji and why in less than 100 words. Leave your answers in the comments section. Winners will be announced on 22 August. All the best!

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  1. I dont have one but two favourites: My top favourite has to be “Dice” then “Hi-5”. i like Dice because Life is a game of luck and fortune, yet it’s a great feeling to create your own luck and show off your hidden, gleaming gold (even if its only teeth!). Then I like Hi-5 because it’s nice to share your victories (not just your sorrows) with well-wishers, and what better way to do that than with a Hi-5! Cheers!

  2. In this world, each emoji has only one facial expression except for Gene, an exuberant emoji who was born without a filter and is bursting with multiple expressions. Determined to become “normal” like the other emojis, why i love gene is he is perfect the way he is 😍😍😍

  3. Monkey with mouth covered by hand
    I would say the monkey smiley as it looks really cute and it gives a small hint of never lie to anyone and it’s better to keep our mouth closed and letting out unnecessary words.

  4. #MacDonald’s India

    I most favorite emoji is this “😂” .. becoz this emoji itself describe laughing wid tear’s.. I mention that ‘khushi k aansu”.. m very addicted to this emoji as I feel we should live our life like that emoji alway’s happly crying becoz life has too many up’s n down’s n some where between we feel vry down, broken, sad so in every phase of life we should alway’s face the problems wid a smile on our face! We alway’s keep Smiling when we are happy then why not in our sad moment’s!?

  5. I want Gene emoji he is soo stylish and our main hero of the movie,the attitude that gene carries is awesome,and my other favorite emoji is jail breaker ,she is best in breaking codes.

  6. I love the evil emoji because it depicts the truth that no matter how much good a person is there is an evil hidden inside him/her.😈

  7. My favorite is the monkey with his mouth covers by the hand because its some thing I relate to I would never open my mouth even when necessary 🙊🙊

  8. 😂 this is my favourite emoji because it makes me laugh
    😋 This too because its me when i say I’m loving it 😋 While at Mcdonalds

  9. My favorite emoji “😆” not just represents me laughing, but also my idol and my favorite character, aka the king of sarcasm Chandler M Bing !

  10. Jeet Pravin Tirpude

    My favourite emoji is..
    Smiling emoji with close eyes, and showing teeth
    It’s the best
    It is my most recently used emoji, and I love it….

  11. I love the cat with heart eyes which indicates she loves it she is happy puts blush on the face it and its just as mcdonals tag line im lovin it

  12. The moment cat is overcome with emotion when she sees her dog buddy.Cat with heart eyes because she is so cute and my girl wants it badly so i need to get it for her.

  13. My favourite emoji is “Hi-5”, bcoz it itself tell us that always be happy in every situation of life, always keep smile on your face when you meet others & don’t show your emotions bcoz people will play with your emotions.if i win then i want to gift this emoji toys to my sister in law’s boy on his birthday.

  14. The evil emoji . As sometimes it’s worth being evil , everyone one wants to be good but we all have some evilness in ourselves.😈🙈

  15. My favorite emoji is the heart emoji ❤as it represents love and I like this 😘😍 emoji as they represent love and feeling with just one emoji you can say what is in your heart without even typing and explaining it hence these are my favorite emoji and I love and like all the emojis and I am a big fan of them Pls I want to win the emoji movie toys
    Pls I want Emoji Movie Toys

  16. Actually I am a huge fan of all the emojis in general. Specifically, I love the Dice emoji since it’s so damn cute and lively 🎲. Also, it represents something like luck… Wouldn’t it be great if we could control our own destiny and bring good luck in our own lives always. Just like the rolling dice, our luck changes and so it kind off represents life 😉

  17. My favorite emoji is red shows the symbol of love it makes the text so special I use this emoji to express my love nd feelings to my special ones..but I also love all the emojis it is so much fun to use them bcoz emojis express our emotions that words cannot💕

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