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Sunrise Hash

Did you know that McDonald’s is the only Quick Service Restaurant chain in India to offer a dedicated breakfast menu to customers? There are the iconic menu items, like the Egg McMuffin, and choices, like the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, and the Egg and Cheese McMuffin for non-vegetarians. The Veg…More

Coffee Tales

In My Dateless Diary, R K Narayan gives a description of his mother preparing coffee, “selects the right quality of seeds almost subjecting every bean to a severe scrutiny, roasts them slowly over charcoal fire, and knows by the texture and fragrance of the golden smoke emanating from the chinks…More

Good Food Journey

Forget about what came first- the chicken or the egg. Chicken lovers love both equally. So does McDonald’s. But how is chicken sourced at McDonald’s? What makes the chicken in burgers, nuggets and wings so juicy and fresh? McDonald’s, following its policy of locally sourcing the ingredients, gets its chicken…More

The Dossier

Careful planning and management went into making one of the most sophisticated supply chains in India. McDonald’s entry into India is the focal point at which the food supply industry has a clear and distinguishable before and after. Radhakrishna Foodland (P) Ltd. dedicated time and effort to study and understand…More

Hum Log

An organization is only as good as its employees. If the employees are happy, so will the customers. That is why McDonald’s offers many training programs and courses to its employees so that they can chart their course on their own terms, have a career map they can work around.…More

What's Hot

A touch of entrepreneurial India is what we experience at McDonald’s every time we visit a store and the story goes a long way back when start-ups were rare and food processing was still in its infancy. When McDonald’s came to India, it needed a supply chain for each of…More