When McDonald’s Met Mrs. Bector

A touch of entrepreneurial India is what we experience at McDonald’s every time we visit a store and the story goes a long way back when start-ups were rare and food processing was still in its infancy. When McDonald’s came to India, it needed a supply chain for each of its ingredients and there weren’t many who could meet up to the requirements. What followed was four years of sourcing and scouting for enterprises which had the potential of becoming partners.

That was about the time, Mrs.Bector’s, a small food processing company, which started as a hobby project for its founder Rajni Bector in her backyard in Phillaur, Punjab, sent a letter introducing her company.

McDonald’s, which was looking for a supplier of buns for its burgers, asked her to supply not only buns, but liquid condiments, breading and batter too. McDonald’s helped Mrs. Bector’s establish the most modern state-of-the-art production facility. Experts from McDonald’s and guidance from McDonald’s global partners – Quaker oats for liquid condiments, Kerry ingredients for batter and breading and North East Foods USA for buns.

Overtime, Mrs. Bector’s established a strong footing in the bakery business in India. The company now operates under the name of Cremica. At present, Cremica has two dedicated units, in Delhi and Mumbai for production of buns. Each facility has the capacity to produce over 2,50,000 buns per day. The liquid condiments, batter and breading units are located in Phillaur, Punjab.

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