We Serve With A Smile

An organization is only as good as its employees. If the employees are happy, so will the customers. That is why McDonald’s offers many training programs and courses to its employees so that they can chart their course on their own terms, have a career map they can work around.

McDonald’s is the first employer for many people. And in your first job, if you know what you are doing and what options you have in terms of your career growth, you will be happier and more focused at work.

Do you remember your first job? The nervousness, the excitement, the curiosity, the training sessions, new faces and many other new things. Most of us were busy trying to do the best every day and that question never really left our head, “Where am I going to be a few years down the line?”

Seniors at work play a big role in shaping careers of the younger lot. The guidance and effective feedback not only make the job easier for a new employee, it also acts a big motivating force. Let’s take an example of Rajesh Mckwan, who joined McDonald’s as a Trainee Crew member in Ahmedabad and is now a Restaurant Manager at Alpha G Corp. His key to success has been learning from his seniors.

McDonald’s has multiple training and communication initiatives designed for their employees. And then there are leadership programs that focus on developing leadership at all levels of the organization. McDonald’s also encourages its employees to get higher education through partnerships with institutions like Welingkars, Symbiosis, etc.  The work hours are flexible, and there are several schemes through which an employee’s hard work is recognized and rewarded. Who does not like growing in their current position or transitioning to a new role in the company?

But why does McDonald’s invest so much in its employees? The reason is not difficult to deduce. Like a car runs on fuel, an organization runs on its productive employees. For McDonald’s, its employees are the first points of contact with the customers. And McDonald’s believes in serving with a smile, which happens only when you have happy employees.

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