One-tap Meals In China

In China, the largest QSR in the world, McDonald’s, has tied up with the biggest e-commerce company of the world, Alibaba. Thereby, translating into gains for the customer. McDonald’s has teamed up with Ant Financial — the financial services subsidiary of Alibaba to start accepting mobile payments in more than 2,100 of its restaurants in China, using Alipay.

McDonald’s is looking at sharing the benefits of Big Data with Alipay to learn more about its customers, businesses, and eco-systems. This will lead to the restaurant knowing more about Chinese consumers and will really take its business in the country to the next level.

In the immediate future, customers will also benefit by the new tie up making it a breeze to get their favorite burgers. All they have to do is get a QR code scanned to pay for the food which will take no more than 2 seconds.  No more waiting in queues and counting change. Good food comes even faster!

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