Building A Chain Of Trust With Our Local Partners

Careful planning and management went into making one of the most sophisticated supply chains in India. McDonald’s entry into India is the focal point at which the food supply industry has a clear and distinguishable before and after.

Radhakrishna Foodland (P) Ltd. dedicated time and effort to study and understand what was lacking in the Indian market. These efforts culminated in an agreement which resulted in a state-of-the-art distribution center that managed everything, right from the sourcing of food items to delivering them to the restaurants.

An affiliation with F. J. Walkers, Australia, which was facilitated by McDonald’s, helped Foodland optimize the distribution system to handle large volumes of food, organize delivery networks and maximize efficiency. This enabled them to live up the standards set by McDonald’s by delivery supplies ‘cold, clean and on-time’.

As Foodland grew, they invested in customized software to increase efficiency, speed and accuracy in the system. Satisfied with Foodland’s progress, McDonald’s terminated the agreement with F. J. Walkers thereby showing increased confidence and trust in the system.

Progress of the local partner ensured progress for McDonald’s. Today Foodland has reached greater heights and is part of the Logistics and Distribution Team, McDonald’s Asia-Pacific which provides them with an opportunity to grow further by sharpening skills and benchmarking their efficiency against other partners in the Asia-Pacific zone.

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