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Good Food Stories

The McAloo Tikki is a bit of a celebrity burger having been talked about with as much enthusiasm as munched hungrily across India, the Middle East and Singapore. The McAloo Tikki was an Idea whose time had come when it was first introduced. Even today,…More

Hum Log

26-year-old Arun Sanas is going places at a pace he has never seen before and he is “lovin it” more than ever. Previously involved in logistics for Bharti Airtel at Bhiwandi, Arun joined McDonald’s in July 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. In November 2013,…More

Good Food Stories

McDonald’s through its latest campaign aims to encourage people to go offline for some time with the tagline “KuchPalOffline McDonald’s aake share kar le” and invites them to reconnect in the real world with friends and families and share good times over good food. McDonald’s…More

Good Food Stories

From philosophers to actors, from celebrated authors to swift footed sportsman – everyone has something to say about food. Here is a selection of 10 food related quotes we enjoyed… not because we like to sound intellectual or to make a statement … just because……More

Good Food Stories

It’s no secret that the youth love McDonald’s for its great food, good value and the fun experience. What is a lesser known fact is that the team at McDonald’s is full of young professionals launching their careers in the food industry. McDonald’s continues to…More

Coffee Tales

It’s summer, that time of the year when we all, as a collective body of caffeine addicts, switch from hot cups to the refreshing crispness of coffee on ice. But this trend is not restricted to any season. Cold coffee is generally looked upon more favorably…More

Sunrise Hash

“The more than 350 McDonald’s outlets in India each get about 4,000 customers a day on average. That’s twice the number of customers that come to the average Mickey D branches in the rest of the world. As part of an experiment in crowd control, one franchisee has…More

Good Food Stories

It is often said that one should breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dine like a pauper. Named for the meal that ‘breaks the fast’, after an average eight hour break since the last meal, breakfast has been acknowledged by scientists, fitness experts…More