Top Five Things McDonald’s Employees Do

Life of a person working in a McDonald’s restaurant is full of stories. And yes, there are a few things all McDonald’s employees do. We bring to you the top five:

Smiling! – McDonald’s believes in serving with a smile and happy employees usually greet everyone around with a cheerful heart. A smile is truly infectious! Keep smiling!


Washing Hands (a bit too frequently!) – It goes without saying that any food service company has to maintain strict hand-wash policy for everyone. Therefore, our crew members share this routine quite frequently.


Guessing which new food item will find a place in the permanent menu – Menu items keep changing and there are some which are an instant hit with the customers and find their way into the permanent menu. Guessing such items is a popular activity for McDonald’s employees.


Trying to be an expert at latte art – Creating that perfect tulip or M of McDonald’s on the surface of a latte is an art. And McCafe employees want to master it as soon as they can. It’s fun watching them try their hands at latte art during the initial training days.

Mc_cafe_Latte (1)

Giving coffee gyan to friends – After a few months of serving as a McCafe barista, bragging about their knowledge of coffee beans, and telling their friends how to make their coffee right comes naturally!


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