5 Reasons Why Chocolate Is The Best Dessert

Dark Chocolate

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
Charles M. Schulz

A meal is always incomplete if it doesn’t include a course of dessert which comes in a variety of flavours, chocolate being one of the more popular ones. Desserts are sweet and decadent and are considered unhealthy, but one cannot say the same about chocolates. No doubt it is delicious, but that’s not all it has to offer. A moderate quantity of fine quality chocolate has plenty of health benefits.


Here are five reasons why chocolate is the best dessert:

• It makes you feel good: Chocolate contains PEA (phenylthylamine), the same compound your brain secretes when you fall in love. It triggers the release of endorphins which in turn make you feel good.

• It is good for your heart and blood circulation: Dark chocolate restores the flexibility of arteries and prevents them from clogging, which keeps your heart and circulatory system healthy.

• It is a rich source of minerals: Chocolate has an abundance of minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium and is also a rich source of iron. This makes chocolate a delightful source of daily supplements.

• It is good for the skin: The flavonols in dark chocolate help protect the skin against damage from the sun. No wonder it is gaining popularity in the spa as well.

• It is good for the brain: Researchers believe that flavonols also help in reducing memory loss in the elderly and have anti-inflammatory qualities which help in treating concussions.

For a quick fix of chocolate, make a trip to the nearest McCafe and choose from a variety of beverages and desserts to satiate your chocolate cravings.

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