You Won’t Recognize These McDonald’s Take-Out Bags


Bold and brighter is back! McDonald’s packaging gets a whole new makeover and it looks fresh and peppy. And these bags don’t just look good; they are made of 100% recyclable sources as well.

A simple design is always admired and these giant Helvetica 500% fonts certainly stand out. The redesign aspect is quite bold on product specific bags like the Egg McMuffin bags, where the type size varies from letter to letter. It also rules out the confusion to identify what’s in the bag? Clever, isn’t it?

McDonald’s has a goal of sourcing 100% of its packaging from certified or recycled sources by the year 2020. As McDonald’s spokeswoman Becca Hary said, “The new look is simple, fresh and consistent with our vision to be a modern and progressive burger company”. We couldn’t agree more.

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