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Coffee Tales

Take a look at the newly designed McCafe! While the interiors have been done up largely using rich coffee tones in a calming atmosphere, there are bursts of colours at places. The above picture is taken from a McCafe in Mumbai. Its theme is relaxed…More

Coffee Tales

It’s summer, that time of the year when we all, as a collective body of caffeine addicts, switch from hot cups to the refreshing crispness of coffee on ice. But this trend is not restricted to any season. Cold coffee is generally looked upon more favorably…More

Sunrise Hash

McDonald’s Canada met with over 400 people, took more than 10,000 photos, shot 115 hours of film over two months at 25 different locations across Canada. Click here to check out a slice of Canadian life with McDonald’s More

Inside Story

There are many steps that the humble coffee bean travels through before transforming into the rich flavour and dense aroma of your favourite brew. Starting off its life as a vibrant white bunch of coffee blossoms that spring to life in late February each year,…More

Coffee Tales

As soon as we get out of bed, before we can be alert, answer any questions, or think clearly, we reach for that first cup of coffee. It is a habit which has been a part of us for years, hence difficult to shake off! However,…More

Coffee Tales

“Coffee has become recognized as a human necessity. It is no longer a luxury or an indulgence; it is a corollary of human energy and human efficiency.” – William H. Ukers, All About Coffee (1922) Good coffee can be complex, intense and full of character.…More

Coffee Tales

Go for that coffee. It keeps the heart in better shape, has a cocktail of antioxidants and brings stress levels down. It isn’t as good as a workout but does tick all the other boxes. Three to five cups a day can do more than…More

Top Stories

There are people out there who just cannot do without McDonald’s. It’s become an indispensable part of their everyday lives. Are you one of these people? Let’s find out: 1.  It is the first thought that comes to your head in the morning. 2.  You like…More

Top Stories

Had an hour to kill because the girlfriend was late again. I walked into a café to catch a cup of coffee.  I was thinking of what to order when the barista (what do you call a female barista) came over. Let’s see what happens…More