Tips To Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Making a perfect cup of coffee like a McCafe barista is all about three things:  coffee beans (25%) + equipment (25%) + you, the barista (50%). So now you know that you play the most important role here, just be confident and make a note of these tips:

coffee beans

Your coffee beans should be fresh and if you have stored them, make sure they are stored in an air tight container. Grind the beans just before making coffee for maximum taste. Do not grind the coffee and store as it affects the flavor.


The coffee machine should be good, well cleaned and maintained. The one at the McCafe may look different, but the principles are the same. It has to be a good coffee machine.


Finally, it is all about you. As a barista, you need to know the basics first. For example, making a perfect shot of espresso is all about high pressure water being pushed through finely ground coffee. You need not worry about the name of your coffee beans for that. But you have to be precise about the timing. You need to push the hot water through the perfectly ground beans in a clean basket. It should take about 25 to 28 seconds for a perfect shot of espresso to be extracted.

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