Does Your Coffee Have A Full Body?

McCafe Coffee_Language

We know you love your coffee. But do you know the basic terms used in the world of coffee? Read on to get a quick crash course in coffee language.

McDonald’s trains its employees such that you have the best coffee experience. You will normally hear out words like Barista, Extraction, Espresso, Crema and Aroma. While the coffee terminology is vast, we list some of the most popular McCafe terms:

Barista: Unlike what many people think, Barista is not a coffee type. A Barista is a person who is trained in the art of espresso based drinks. Barista is the Italian word for “bartender.” Though in Italy, baristas serve drinks of all kinds, worldwide, the term refers to those who can make different kinds of coffee.

Extraction: Simply put, extraction is the brewing process where hot water is pushed through the beans. All beans start out green and are then roasted light, medium or dark. Dark is the strongest roast amongst all.

Grind: How coarse or fine the beans are ground to facilitate the brewing process is the Grind of the coffee.

Fragrance: The smell of the roasted beans is the Fragrance.

Aroma: The smell during the extraction process is Aroma.

Crema: Have you ever wondered what the dense golden liquid at the top of the espresso base is? That’s crema and it’s an indication of a good quality espresso.

Body: While tasting coffee, the heaviness or thickness of coffee that one feels in their mouth is called body. A full body coffee has a rich texture, a heaviness in the tongue and a taste that lingers.

These are some of the popular coffee words all McCafe Baristas use. Watch out this space for more on the language of coffee.

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